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Keeping Los Angeles Homeowners Safe

Security Plus Co. home surveillance systems are an effective way to protect the ones you love, your home, and your property. You've worked hard for what you own, and the value of your family is priceless. Business and corporate security cameras have been vital tools for protection. Why not implement these same security measures for your home to deter criminals from breaking in or worse?

A Proven Tool

Residential security cameras represent a way for you to constantly monitor the activity in and around your home, and are a proven vital component of any home security system. Having our eyes watching your home will help:

  • Prevent Theft and Break-Ins
  • Provide Valuable Evidence In The Event Of a Robbery Or Other Criminal Acts
  • Prevent Your Children From Sneaking In Or Out Of Your Home
  • Identify Who Is At Your Front Door Before You Allow Access Or Open Your Door
  • Monitor Hired In-Home Help, Such As Lawn Or Grounds Maintenance Crews, Elderly Home Care Providers, Or Babysitters
  • Deter Sexual Predators From Looking Through Your Windows
  • Monitor Potential Acts Of Vandalism
  • Lower Homeowners Insurance In Many Cases

Monitor From Anywhere

With modern digital surveillance technology, homeowners can monitor their residential security cameras from just about anywhere in the world. It's a simple task on devices that you likely already have, such as a computer or laptop with Internet access. This allows you to remotely monitor your home from locations such as your workplace, in your hotel room, or anywhere with a public computer like your local library or the airport.

You'll love the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is secure when you're away on business travel or a vacation. Many of our wireless security cameras utilize digital video recorders (DVRs) to record high definition video feed for a long period of time. This gives you the ability to review your footage when you return, if any sort of unusual activity is suspected. The DVR allows you to hold onto a substantial amount of footage, should you need to return to it later.

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