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Los Angeles' Source for Professionally Installed Spy Cameras

Covert and hidden security cameras can be a priceless investment. Using spy cameras in homes, businesses like retail stores, or corporate settings can provide you with insight into people's behaviors. This is especially useful when their behaviors can directly affect your assets or loved ones. Our products can be used alone, or as a supplement to your traditional security camera system. Benefits of our covert surveillance systems include:

  • Preventing and Deterring Internal Thefts From Your Cash Register And Restricted Access Areas
  • Providing Additional Camera Coverage That Employees Or Visitors Cannot Avoid
  • Providing Additional Information About The Quality Of Service Provided By Hired Help
  • Providing First Hand In-Home Child Or Senior Care Information
  • Enhancing the Performance Assessment Of Contractors And Landscapers
  • Confirming Or Dismissing Your Suspicions About Activities In the Home Or Office
  • Determining the Faithfulness Of Your Spouse
  • Monitoring the Behavior Of Your Children
  • Determining the Source Of Unusual Noises Or Possible Intruders

Hard to Detect

Modern digital technology such as wireless security cameras has made it easy to implement a covert video system that is virtually undetectable. This is due to the fact that spy camera lenses now range in size from 1/4 of an inch down to a pinhole. Some common forms of hidden security cameras include:

  • Picture Frames
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Pens
  • Smoke Detectors

Easy to Monitor

Monitoring the feeds from our products has never been so easy. You can now access your system's footage from anywhere in the world via a computer and an Internet connection. With the recent advancement in mobile technology, owners of our spy cameras now have remote viewing capabilities through everyday items, such as your phone or iPad.

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